A Program to Support and Empower the Under Privileged Children and Young People
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Personality Development Programs

Skills and Personality Development Program for Children and Young People

In addition to the regular evening classes, MADURAI SEED provides Training, Workshops, Seminars, Career Guidance programs, Online/ Phone/ Computer Classes, Camps, Field Trips, and Small Tours to encourage the growth of young minds.

Children and Young people have only minimum or they have no exposures in their families and schools as they are in deprived economic situation. MADURAI SEED broadens their horizon through various kinds of activities. These enlighten them with experiences, and knowledge.

MADURAI SEED facilitated the children and young people with quarterly, half yearly and summer camps every year. The Vasantham Summer Camp is very popular among children.

Reading, debates, creative activities, dance, drama, fine arts, and appreciation of movies, sports, Children's federation, library, savings bank, magazine, health care activities, small trips and field visits are taken to broaden the children and young people's horizons and to help them to develop their talents, social awareness, social values, civic responsibilities, and respect for themselves & others.

Club Activity

MADURAI SEED organizes programs in different ways that are organized by staff, organized by the children and young people. The Children's clubs are CHILDREN FEDERATION, Puduyugam Journal, and Thenkoodu savings bank. Young people's clubs are YOUNG PEOPLE FEDERATION, Pudiya Velichangal Journal, and Young People Saving Scheme. Literature, Cultural, Science, Social Science, Sports, and Medical Clubs are organized by both the children and young people. Besides these, Children are participating in a state level network namely Federation of Children Movements for Right to Participation (FCMRP).


This is an activity where they emphasis on personality development, career guidance, camping, improving leadership skills, time management, awareness about child rights, constitutional rights. These kinds of activities are facilitated by MADURAI SEED.


"Childhood is our right ... Lets work together to get bright "
The children federation consists of all the children between 6 to 18 years of age. All children are working and making decisions together. It makes them attached with an association and working as a team. The main objectives of MSCF are to get education, to realize social responsibilities, to develop leadership skills, and to develop network with other children organizations.


MADURAI SEED Young People federation comprises of college people. MADURAI SEED's Young People federation is organized with the vision to make Karumbalai as a model area where there is no caste, religious discrimination and a place of well learned.The objectives of MSYF are to realize the social responsibilities as well as to make others to realize, to help the community in many possible ways like blood donation, to develop leadership skills and personality, to make awareness in the community about education, drug addiction and etc.


A children's journal - Puduyugam - as well as for youngsters - Pudhiya Velichangal - both offer these children and young people an opportunity to express their views creatively. Both are published by MADURAI SEED at regular intervals.

Puduyugam - "Protecting the blooming world with good services"

Puduyugam children's journal is being published once in two months as a private circulation. It makes a platform to issue children's creative skills and writing skills. It aims to make joyful learning for the children and their cordial relation with elder people.The journal is made by and for the children.

Pudhiya Velichangal - New Lights - Core sparkles of forming a new world

Pudhiya Velichangal of young people is another booklet, published once in 4 months as a private circulation. This helps to improve the writing skills of young people. It also helps them to mould themselves.

Thenkoodu Children Bank

Thenkoodu Children's Bank has been set up - a savings bank to help the children to learn about the importance of saving and managing money. It is an effort to harmonize the children who have aspiration to save for their own needs. MADURAI SEED is augmenting the significance of saving and encourages the children between the age group of 5-17.

Children will get back their savings with interest at the end of the financial year.

Instead of sparing the money available to the children, They are practiced to realize the value of money and are motivated to save the pocket money, but without loosing their personal intensity.

During 2007-2008, children saved Rs.6879. In 2008-2009 children saved Rs.21899. In the year 2009-2010 children saved Rs.20510. In 2010-2011 children saved Rs.22818.

Young People Saving Scheme

The Young People Saving Scheme is for a legion of college going students, full time working volunteers and part time working volunteers. It has been set up for college students and other young people to meet their most pressing economic needs. The aims of this scheme are to promote the habit of savings, to help each other economically, to learn to fulfill their needs since their every academic year demands them more fee, they feel that this savings would help them on the beginning of every year and to fulfill their personal needs. The members are saving Rs.100 per month.

Vanmugil Cultural Club

A cultural group - the Vanmugil Cultural Club is organized by and for the children and young people. It teaches and practices culture-specific performing arts. In this way, the children and young people learn to appreciate their own cultural background and grow with more confident and competent. The aim of this cultural club is to teach the traditional, cultural heritage and values and to stage them in the public. This has involved their participation in large. This club helps to learn modern techniques to meet the new challenges, in their public performances.

Literature Club

MADURAI SEED Literature Club is functioning to enhance the children and young people's skills in Tamil and English. It helps in reading and writing and encourages participation in various programs. It gives opportunities to go to writers meeting, literary meetings, and book releasing functions. It is a platform to enrich our writing and speaking through debates, discussions, seminars, creative writing workshops, story telling and poetry recitation.

Science Club

Science Club is making possible as its members to think technically. It helps students to enhance their familiarity in understanding science and technology. It makes the children to read, watch and hear science oriented programs. It makes them to know about science in our daily life and inventions. It encourages students to involve in quizzes and reading etc.

Social Science Club

Social science club builds knowledge on history, geography, civil studies, cultural studies, religion, sociology, Philosophy, economics and politics and all liberal arts through conducting discussion, seminars, and participation.

Medical Club

With the efficient involvement of the children and young People, a medical club is organized to take care of the health. All education centers are provided with first-aid boxes. Parents are daily wagers and illiterate who originally don't have time and awareness to care children's health. Counseling on adolescence, exam fear, balanced diet, cleanliness is taken among the Children and young people.

Sports Club

MADURAI SEED concentrates on physical activities of children and young people. It conducts in door and out door games. While playing, fitness, cooperation, tolerance and respect are taught to young people and children. While encouraging playing traditional games traditional values are taught to children and young people.


Children and young people are encouraged to participate in district, state, national and international level programs. MADURAI SEED promote them to take part in functions and competitions in their Schools and colleges and other organizations.

Special Days/ Celebrations

Every get together is a celebration and every celebration leads to learning.

As we all mingle as one family under the shelter of MADURAI SEED, we celebrate every important festival as they teach us love, caring, and sharing. Children and young people are promoted to take part in and admire the functions of all religions. MADURAI SEED celebrates national and international specific days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Peace Day, Children's Day, Young People Day, Women's Day and Etc... Also MADURAI SEED celebrates Margazhi Urchavam, Annual Day and Institution Day.

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