A Program to Support and Empower the Under Privileged Children and Young People
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Needs and Plans

First and foremost, MADURAI SEED's main goal is to ensure its sustained service. Many of MADURAI SEED's projects have yet to be realized. So far, lack of funding has made this impossible. MADURAI SEED hopes for supporters to implement these projects.

Present Needs:

  • Holistic education centers in the evenings need rent and electricity for the centers, honorarium for the volunteers, and teaching aids. This budget corresponds to approximately CHF 2,000 or 1700 USD per month.
  • An own building for library, librarian, racks and more books.
  • Professionalizing MADURAI SEED;
  • Providing the means for a local external advisor
  • Networking and collaborating with similar NGOs in India
  • English coaching and teacher training for volunteers
  • Teaching aids
  • Stipends for volunteers, which will also helps their college expenses
  • Sponsorships for children and young people who cannot afford to pay fees and buy whatever is needed at school and college.
  • MADURAI SEED is hoping to implement a food supplement program - to help children get a more balanced nutrition. This will help them perform better at school and grow into healthy young people.
  • At present, MADURAI SEED has one dedicated classroom, in addition to the library (used exclusively for quiet study). All other classes are regularly held on the rooftops of neighbors' private dwellings for rental basis. That is not guaranteed. MADURAI SEED is hoping to build its own centers. It will house the five different educational centers, as well as an office and meeting hall. Rather than in the middle of Karumbalai, it will be situated at its margins, thus offering not just more space but also more quiet, for the children and youngsters to study optimally.

Future plans

  • To start a school for children who cover of 100% deprived economic situation.
  • To make a training center facilitating library, computers and life skill programs, And socio culture interchanging for young people with poor economic background and children of Government and corporation schools.

If you want to support Madurai Seed in any of the above ways, visit How can You Help?

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