A Program to Support and Empower the Under Privileged Children and Young People
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Helping Hearts
CESCI, Mr.Biju
Asha For Education, Boston US, Dr.Melli Annamalai
Asha For Education, India
Founder & President: Dr. Laura Villiger
Secretary& Treasurer: Paola Pappone
Incharge Of Design & Public Relations: Patricia Jegher
Members: Dr. Eveline Masilamani, Prof .John Potts
Donors: Dr. Ursula Villiger, Dr. Peter Fuchs, Mrs.Eliane Suess
Mr. V.P. Parri Ganesan, Mrs. Kalaiselvi, Mr. T. Arul Thangaraj
Kantonsschule Freudenberg school, Dr. Niklaus Schatzmann, Teachers & Students
Staheli Interlingua Bookshop, Switzerland
Oxford University Press, U.K, Clive Oxen Den & Christina Latham, The Authors Of New English File.
Dr. Isabelle, Dr. Katherine Newman, Dr. Paul Attewell, Ms. Febina Notter, Ms. Eva Sutter
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