A Program to Support and Empower the Under Privileged Children and Young People
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Senthamizh Library

MADURAI SEED now has its own library - Senthamizh Library -"Reading Makes Fertile"- with books for children and young people ranging from fictions to philosophy and history, both in Tamil and English. Aiming to promote literacy and good reading habits. It is open to all the children at MADURAI SEED during evenings and holiday times.

There is no community library in Karumbalai. Senthamizh Library is very useful to fulfill the need of reading for children and Young People. There are more than 1500 books. There are books available to improve their communication skills both in English and Tamil. The accession is fully free.

Objectives & Activities

  1. Enhancing the Tamil and English reading and writing skills
  2. Taking the books to the children and Young People and organizing programs on the basis of the reading and motivating them to participate.
  3. Encouraging to buy books
  4. Participating in Literary functions
  5. Meeting the authors and scholars to improve knowledge
  6. Conducting Creative Writing Activities
  7. Making as a resource centre for children and documentation centre of child rights and educational research.

Our Trustee A.S.Karthik Bharathi, Dr.Melli Annamalai, The Oxford University Press, Dr.Laura Villiger, Staehli Interlingua Book Shop, and Ratna Sagar Publications sponsored most of the books. Our Trustee Ms. Mariammal, John Potts, and Honey Well sponsored racks for the library.

Functioning time of Library in all days

Senthamizh Central Library
MondayI , II
TuesdayIII, IV
Senthamizh Library's branch at Kanavugal Arangam
Young People utilize the library at any time
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