A Program to Support and Empower the Under Privileged Children and Young People
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Most of the children are being held at an underprivileged in socio- economic status and are struggling to continue schooling. MADURAI SEED provides scholarship assistance to school and college students with fees and educational equipments. MADURAI SEED also meets educational expenses like fees, uniforms, books, etc for more than 40 children who would otherwise not be able to pay school fees, pay fees for computer training, vocational and other non-school studies.

Supporting the young people makes the children flourished. It is a chain work. A child who has finished his/ her school studies are enhanced his/ herself as a young one, gets concern and helps his/her following foots


  • Sponsoring selected children and young people
  • Providing Educational materials to the needy students
  • Developing linkages with banks
  • Motivating the parents to continue the children's and young people's Education.


  • Identifying the children and young people who are in need
  • Providing financial assistance to those needy children and young people
  • Ensuring the continuity of the education of the students
  • Monitoring the progress of the students
  • Motivating parents regarding higher education
  • Motivating the parents against early marriage especially for girl children.

2007-2008: Ms.Mariammal, Mr. Parri Ganesan, Mr. Arul Thangaraj, Mr. Senthil Kumar, Mr. Chandra Mohan, Mr. Prathema Rajan, Sri Devi, Mahila Parveen, Mrs. Sai Deepika, Murali, Ms. Sumathi, Mr. Ashok, Ms. Suganya, Dr. Nagarajan, and his friends gave direct sponsorships to 25 students of 11th std, 12th std, and first year college students.

2008-2009: Ms.Mariammal, Mr. Arul Thangaraj, Mr. Parri Ganesan, Dr. Gowthaman, Mr. Suresh Kumar, Mrs. Anna Mariyal are gave direct sponsorships to 25 students of 11th std, 12th std, and first year college students.


For the school children - Rs.18, 000

For the college young people - Rs.42, 000

During 2009-2010 Honeywell Mr. Ganesh Ramarathnam has donated scholarship assistance and notebooks to our X and XII std Children

In 2009-2010 A.S.Karthikbharathi's recommendation brought scholarship of Rs.25, 000 from our supporter Mrs. Annamariyal to a girl namely Jothi Lakshmi residing in Iravadha Nallur to begin her studies for teacher training.

Sponsorship Gave by MADURAI SEED

Year Beneficiaries Activities Male Female Total
2008-2009 Children Educational Scholarship 12 13 25
Children Educational Material & Uniform 38 48 86
Young People Educational Scholarship 16 3 19
Young People Free Spectacles 1 0 1
2009-2010 Children Educational Scholarship 4 15 19
Children Free Spectacles 1 0 1
Young People Educational Scholarship 6 8 14
Children & Young People Educational Material 27 28 55
2010-2011 Children Educational Material & Uniform 50 28 78
Children & Young People Educational Scholarship 22 30 52

MADURAI SEED's Support to Young People to Persist Their Education

Because of the concern about the financial barriers of MADURAI SEED young people, have been given chances to teach the children at evenings. The young people who teach are given Rs.700 to motivate their service and educations, in chargers are given Rs.1000 and part time Coordinators are provided with Rs.2000.

MADURAI SEED is part of my life...

Today, I'm an engineer, just started my career by working in a software company. My elder brother, Mohan is a graduate. My younger brother has just finished IX STD last year. All these are possible only through MADURAI SEED. Both my mother and father are illiterate. Though, we have come from very poor economic background, we remain now as people with filled with self confidence.

My house is too small and no proper place to study. Thedalgal Arangam seems to be an apt place for my studies. For the past years, I use MADURAI SEED's Thedalgal Arangam for my night studies. I've scored only 86% in x std and 71% in XII std. My family situation and poor economic condition didn't permit me to join a college. I was so depressed. But, MADURAI SEED took care of me and gave me proper helps. "To become an Engineer" is my childhood dream. MADURAI SEED is giving scholarship for me continuously. MADURAI SEED also helped me to get a bank loan. Not only for me, but also for my elder brother, who has failed in VIII std and dropped out from school in XI std. Then, he finished 12th std through MADURAI SEED. Again, there were two year drop out. Now, again he did studying Tamil Literature with the aid of MADURAI SEED. My younger brother got MADURAI SEED's guidance in eighth std., continuing his studies with the support of MADURAI SEED

O.Manikandan B.E

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