A Program to Support and Empower the Under Privileged Children and Young People
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Many people choose to help us, not monetarily, but by volunteering their time. They choose an activity of interest to them and help out as possible. There are no time obligations and since we don't have any hierarchy, you can be assured that nobody will 'boss' you around. It's a friendly group, come join us and help as much as you can. You can teach classes, give trainings or seminars on your interest. Foreigners can teach English and learn Tamil vise versa.

Internship Program:

MADURAI SEED is committed to the encouragement of budding social work professionals through providing space for field exposure. MADURAI SEED works closely with the academic institutions. Opportunities for internship are always available for those who have the interest to work with children and young people.

During the placement period, students are exposed to a range of sessions including NGO Management, Fund raising, Organizing programs, field visits, ethics in social work and also specific requirements of the related to the internship.

MADURAI SEED also invites international students on internship. Foreign students are enabled to adapt to the Indian context through personalized care and support. Skills and talents of interns are always linked to needs of children and young people in the field.

Moral Support:

A pat on the back often goes a long way into stimulating us. Contact us if you feel this is a good cause and good work. It makes our day!

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